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Co-creation is at the core of what we do at Copla. We help clients connect with highly skilled artists who know how to center you and your community in the creation of your mural.

Copla is a female-owned community arts studio with 10 years of experience in mural creation. The Spanish word copla comes from the Latin root meaning “union” or “link” and refers to a poetic style of folklore music in Latin America.

The spirit of the word also describes our studio philosophy. Our work is fundamentally centered on co-creating murals that give voice to the communities in which they are installed. As much as murals add beauty to space, they are also powerful tools of communication that give space for communities to take pride in themselves and their neighborhoods, make visible their experiences, and honor their histories.


Follow the Next Generation (2019)
RAMS Latino Club Mural (2019)
Hark! Cafe mural (2020)
Ven, Seremos (2020)
La Tejedora (2020)
RAMS mural (2021)
RAMS Mural (2021)


It can be challenging to find the right artist for your project. For an artist, running a business to do what they love can be equally challenging. 

Copla is on a mission to help clients hire Latinx and other artists who are underrepresented in the creative economy. We make it easier for independent artists to operate by taking care of the administrative details of a project. Our collaborative creative model also means every project is an opportunity for artists to learn from each other.

La Tejedora


We are co-creators. We love to create with the community and with each other!

We believe in making art that creates space for communities to strengthen bonds, forge and clarify shared identity, and placemaking. Whether you are a private client or a community organization, you are an integral part of the design process.

We also believe in the power of artists collaborating together. Murals speak for a plurality of voices. In our experience, we find that often the best way to capture that plurality is through the creative friction that a team of artists provides. 

Painter in Studio


Tell us about the project you have in mind.

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Minneapolis, MN

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